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Messages from the Director and Coordinator of Student Events


             “Some people look for a beautiful place. Others make a place beautiful.” 

At ICHS, we provide a HOME for the HEART, SPIRIT and MIND, a HOME where they can feel loved, feel accepted, where they can feel the difference each and every day.

We always make time for you and your families and ensure the voices of our student body are heard and their visions are brought to life. Each day, Miss Tara Connor and I strive to plan events and activities that help our students flourish socially, emotionally, and mentally. Our students involvement in the planning and executing of these events, as well, helps them develop leadership skills that are pertinent in the 21st century world.

At Immaculate Conception High School, we are dedicated to making your daughter’s time with us as memorable and valuable as possible. We stress the importance of responsibility, integrity, communication, and compassion through the different student events and activities. 

In preparing our students with these essential skills for life, we get the honor of witnessing their transformation from girls, to strong and independent young women. We look forward to guiding each of our students along their journeys of transformation and growth.

With Gratitude,

Miss Nicole A. Mineo


Welcome IC Blue Wolves!

As Coordinator of Student Events, I am so excited to be able to work with the young women of Immaculate. Being able to watch each student become a leader in her own right has been a blessing and a wonder and I am eager to see what this new year will have in store for us. As I make this transition overseeing all of the amazing events that Immaculate has to offer, I cannot wait to see even more leaders come from these remarkable students. In addition, being able to work closely with my coworkers is exciting and collaborative and we are eager to make sure that all of our events, whether in or out of the building, embody what ICHS is all about: our family-like atmosphere, faith in each other, and passion for our school and service for others.

Being Student Council Advisor for the past three years has been a blessing. I have been able to work with the Student Council members to bring ideas to life. In addition to our amazing Pep Rallies and Spirit Week that the Student Council Executive Board spearheads, I have seen the girls bring forth their own ideas, like collecting for Breast Cancer Awareness, Collecting canned foods for the local food pantry, and collecting toys during the holiday season for children in a local hospital. It has been an honor to watch each student take on a leadership role and bring their ideas to the table and figure out a way to see them come to fruition. As Miss Nicole Mineo and I begin to prepare for an exciting year ahead, we are eager to bring some familiar activities back while incorporating some new traditions as well.

“Carpe Diem, seize the day, make your lives extraordinary.” – Dead Poets Society

With Gratitude,

Miss Tara Connor 


Miss Nicole A. Mineo

Miss Nicole A. Mineo

Director of Student Events

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Miss Tara Connor

Miss Tara Connor

Coordinator of Student Events

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