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Rowing at Immaculate Conception High School is a great sport to join. It can bring balance to student-athletes and provide a valuable space in which young adults can challenge themselves, thrive and grow. Not only is rowing a total-body workout and beneficial for your overall health, it also provides opportunities for female athletes to learn the importance of sportsmanship, teamwork, competitiveness, and collaboration.

There are many life skills that athletes can acquire while being part the ICHS Crew team. Athletes learn about leadership, problem solving, relationship building, confidence, coordination, and teamwork. It is no surprise that this is also a sport that universities like to see on applications.

In this sport, you will make great friends, grow a sisterhood, and broaden your prospective about the world. Crew is all about team bonding and a very competitive sport. To be successful, student-athletes must be dedicated, motivated, hardworking, and persistent. Join the ICHS Crew team and make wonderful friends, learn about setting goals, facing adversity, and working as part of a team.

Clemens Reinke

Clemens Reinke

Head Coach (Bergen County Rowing Academy)

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