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5 Factors That Make Giving Feel Good

Many of us devote our time, talents, and contributions because it is the right thing to do and we want to make an impact. Sharing our generosity also provides us with an immense feeling of satisfaction. Giving makes us feel good because it can:

  1. Make a real difference. Sometimes “thank you” does not convey how much we truly care. Financial support of a cause enables you to make a powerful impact, and volunteering allows you to see your impact firsthand.
  2. Reflect our values. We all want to be part of a community that shares our values. Showing support, either through gifts of time or finances, can extend your personal connection and give you a sense of belonging. It also reinforces your own belief system.
  3. Serve as inspiration. Your generosity may inspire others to follow your lead. Engage loved ones in discussion about your passions and encourage them to join you in volunteering or raising funds.
  4. Create an everlasting impact. You have an opportunity to leave your mark on the world. Planning a future gift—such as one in your will or trust—helps ensure that generations to come will benefit. It can also help protect the causes you love beyond your lifetime.
  5. Recognize individuals. We are often inspired to give back by people who have touched our lives. Tribute gifts are a way to honor those individuals.

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