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1The Immaculate Conception High School Tennis team provides our young women many 1opportunities. It helps build confidence and gets students active and involved. Most importantly, playing a sport like tennis, is a great way to remind our girls, that sports are all about having fun! 


The young women that play ICHS Tennis are successful and passionate. The dedication and growth of the team speaks wonders of the program. This team is centered around creating bonds with your teammates and having engaging experiences while playing on the court. Through positive interaction, motivation, and a solid group of peer leaders, winning doesn’t always have to be everything. It takes a special type of individual that works so hard to better themselves and their teammates as student-athletes and also, be model representatives of ICHS. 


Whether it be winning games or sharing snacks in between matches, this team of Blue Wolves knows how to build unforgettable bonds and irreplaceable memories that will last them a lifetime. Once a Blue Wolf, always a Blue Wolf!

Head Varsity Coach:

Ralph Fava