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Highlights of an ICHS Graduate



Class of 2020

  • The Most Popular schools for the Class of 2020 were as follows: Montclair State University, Adelphi University, and William Paterson.
  • The Most Popular Majors for the Class of 2020: Psychology, Nursing, and Sciences.
  • The Class of 2020 will attend 32 colleges/universities, all on the east coast.
  • A majority of the graduating Class of 2020 have received merit scholarship/grant money to attend on or more of their college choices totaling $4,745,285!
  • One student of the Class of 2020 is enlisted in the Navy and will begin training in October!
  • 6 students (out of the Class of 2020’s 47 total) will play college athletics: 3 will play softball, 2 will play soccer, and 1 will play basketball.
  • IC started its first wrestling team this year, with 3 seniors on the team!
  • Immaculate Conception High School’s Instant Decision Day was in November 2019 and a majority of our students were accepted to one or more colleges/universities of their choice.
  • The Class of 2020 completed their Academic Journey via the ICHS Remote Learning Experience.  Courses took place daily, following the regular ICHS schedule, and the students received quality education that will even better prepare them for their college years!


Class of 2019

  • The most popular schools for the Class of 2019 were as follows: University of Hartford, Sacred Heart University, and Montclair State University 
  • Immaculate Conception had an 100% participation in Instant Decision Day 2019 and were Accepted to one or more colleges/ universities of their choice. 
  • One student of The Class of 2019 began filming for a major role in a Steven Spielberg film after being an active member of ICHS’s Performing Arts Program for 4 years.   
  • The Class of 2019 will attend 28 colleges/ universities, primarily located on the east coast. 
  • 100% of the graduating Class of 2019 received merit scholarship/grant money to attend one or more than one of their college choices totaling $5,260,000.00  
  • 5 students (out of the Class of 2019's 61 total) will play college athletics at Division I and III levels.