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Financial Aid & Scholarships

ICHS Scholarships


ICHS Academic Scholarships may be offered to incoming freshmen who put ICHS as their first choice on the HSPT. These scholarships are based solely on the student’s academic performance in 6th, 7th, and 8th grade at the time the transcript is submitted, and her HSPT score. The number and amount of scholarships are dependent on the funds available each year, as well as the number of students who qualify. They are automatically renewed each year providing that the student maintains an 85 GPA and demonstrates good behavior. 


Outside Scholarships


Outside organizations may offer scholarships or other financial assistance to students based on their own criteria. We encourage families to search for additional outside sources to augment their own payments.


The Scholarship for Inner City Children – All ICHS students are eligible to apply for this $1,000 scholarship, which is based solely on financial need. To apply for the Scholarship Fund for Inner City Children, complete the application at Application period is typically February through April, and award letters are usually sent out in July. 


Columbus Citizens Foundation Scholarship - Incoming freshmen of Italian descent (at least 25%) are eligible to apply for this four-year scholarship.  See the Columbus Citizens Foundation website at for details and application deadlines. 

The Tri-County Scholarship Fund provides partial scholarships to K-12 financially needy students living in Morris, Passaic and Sussex counties. The financial aid application deadline is February 15, and you can access it at Scholarship recipients and schools are typically notified in April of any awards.


We encourage families to apply for other outside scholarships of which they may be aware, such as those funded by parishes, Knights of Columbus, and other organizations.


ICHS Financial Aid


ICHS Financial Assistance may be offered to students based solely on family finances. All students who wish to be considered for Financial Assistance must apply through the FACTS Grant and Aid System at .  There is a $35 fee paid to FACTS for this service.


Families of freshmen applicants applying for financial assistance will be asked to submit 2019 W2s and Tax Forms; the deadline for freshman Financial Assistance applications is the Sunday before Thanksgiving. Incoming freshmen who miss the February deadline in submitting completed Financial Assistance applications may have an opportunity to be considered for Assistance in March, when the sophomores, juniors and seniors are considered. These late applicants will be notified in April of any awards made.


Financial assistance grants will vary in amount based on family need. When the freshmen acceptance letters are mailed, both scholarship and financial assistance offers will be included in the letter.


All families who apply for ICHS financial assistance should also apply to The Scholarship Fund for Inner City Children. This is a scholarship through which many of our students receive $1,000 towards their tuition. Even though ICHS is not an Archdiocesan school, nor an inner-city school, all our students are eligible to apply for the SFIC. See our website for a link, or apply at; the application period is January 1 through April 30.


We encourage families to support ICHS Parents’ Association, Alumnae Association and other school events throughout the year, as these fund raisers provide significant contributions to ICHS’ scholarship and financial aid funds. Your support can be through attending events, purchasing raffle tickets, making donations to tricky trays, working at the event, selling raffle tickets to co-workers if permitted, and investigating any matching gift opportunities with your company.