Immaculate Conception High School

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Principal's Message

As we begin to celebrate the next 100 years of ICHS we’ve embarked on a magnificent journey to expand our reach, welcome more students, and raise the level of academic success.


With the launch of our new logo and brand identity this summer, the school has experienced a renaissance. A new “spark” can be felt in the freshly painted hallways, throughout the renovated classrooms, and on the grounds showcasing the new school flags. Our new logo speaks to who we are as a school; a direct reflection of the Felician Core values and the community we serve – dynamic, modern, and bold. The new identity of “Be Extraordinary” is a symbol of this promise to always be the “heartbeat of educating young women in a catholic Felician-Franciscan tradition.


At ICHS, we are all committed to providing the best education we can achieve. Whether we shape it as teachers, guide it as parents, or support it as administrators, we all work in service of our students. This school year will be a year of setting and reaching attainable goals, working harder and smarter and taking our school and student achievement to the next level of greatness.


My message to the student body is consistent.  Find your passion and when you do, engage your heart.  Our current students as well as our alumnae are passionate when they speak of their school.  Each time I engage in conversation with an ICHS constitute, their passion for their school comes out in droves.  Now it’s time to engage your heart as Blessed Angela did when she chose to dedicate her life to God. Blessed Angela was certainly an extraordinary woman.


How will you “Be Extraordinary” at ICHS?


God’s Blessings,


Joseph R. Azzolino