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Graduate Profile

Profile Of An Immaculate Conception High School Graduate 


Founded and continually sponsored by the Felician Sisters, ICHS strives to form young ladies who will be committed to developing the spirit as well as the mind.


Because the school community is dedicated to the Blessed Virgin Mary and regularly celebrates the liturgy, graduates will have built a foundation for continual exploration of the fullness of life and its mysteries. 


Graduates will be spiritual persons who, through study of the Gospels, Church History and tradition, and the message and mission of St. Francis of Assisi and Blessed Mary Angela Truszkowski, have nurtured their spirituality and deepened their awareness of the importance of prayer, sacrifice, service, compassion, humility, and gentle stewardship of the earth and its creatures. 


These young women will be prepared for and challenged to accept the roles of leadership and action, as ICHS pays attention to the educating of the whole person. 


Through their years at ICHS, students will have experienced a broad-based course of study that invites them to think critically and creatively about the natural world and human culture. 


All graduates of ICHS will have acquired a depth and breadth of knowledge, including the ability to be a critical and creative thinker, reader, writer, and communicator; to increase competence in quantitative skills and modern languages; to acquire an appreciation for fine and performing arts; to develop computer/technology literacy; and to expand the ability to think clearly about complex problems and to communicate with precision and style. 


Graduates will be well prepared for the challenges of college and/or the workplace. 


After participating in a host of extra-curricular programs, graduates of ICHS will have practiced the habits of social and civic responsibility. 


All graduates will have acquired a keen self-knowledge, lifelong intellectual and cultural interests, and the ability to make socially responsible choices about the future. 


Graduates will be active in their communities, will be informed participants in our democracy, and will be confident in choosing to make Christian values an important part of their decision making process. 


They will be challenged to continually assess their response to the complex needs and challenges of the contemporary world. 


Graduates will be strong, confident, self-reliant, humble, generous, loving, God-centered women, in the tradition of our patroness, the Blessed Virgin Mary, whose “Fiat” changed the course of history.