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Student Testimonials

At Immaculate Conception High School, we take pride in the educational and personal experiences our students have during their time with us. A personal support team of dedicated staff, faculty, and administrators are available to assist students and guide them through their IC experience.  Our sole mission is to ensure that students have a warm and committed environment to allow them to thrive during their academic journey.


Below are some testimonials from ICHS students describing their own experience at ICHS.

CLASS OF 2024!




Jump Start 2020 has taught me time management skills, problem solving strategies, and techniques to pay attention. I especially love when we get to read aloud in class. This small learning group allowed me to have more one on one conversations with my teachers. September can’t come soon enough, so that I can finally be back in a classroom and meet all my classmates.









Jump Start 2020 has taught me how to solve word problems faster and it definitely sharpened my grammar skills. Jump Start also gave us a chance to work on summer work.  I especially love when we play Kahoot to check our understanding. Being part of this special learning group allowed me to prepare for the upcoming high school year. I can't wait for school to begin, so that I can get back in school and start learning again!

Go IC!