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Parent Testimonials

At Immaculate Conception High School, we take pride in the educational and personal experiences our families have during their time with us. A personal support team of dedicated staff, faculty, and administrators, are available to assist and guide them through their IC experience.  
Below are some testimonials from ICHS parents describing their experience at ICHS.

The Jump Start program gave my daughter the opportunity to interact with her new classmates, get to know some of her teachers and refresh her English and math skills. I love that it incorporated her summer reading assignment!

The Jump Start program has given my daughter confidence to start high school! She has made friends and built a relationship with the Jump Start teachers. Although she was upset to have class during the summer, she quickly got over it and became excited for her classes the first day. She actually looked forward to log into class the next morning! She is so glad she had the opportunity to be a part of the Jump Start program.

Jump Start 2020 was a great experience. Every time I came back from work, my daughter was very excited about the book she was reading with the class. She loves it and I love her enthusiasm!

Joelle enjoyed attending the Jump Start program.  She learned many new skills that will help her have a strong start for the coming year. She also enjoyed having Mr. Bratyanski and Ms. Koval as her teachers  who made learning fun and enjoyable. I am happy that ICHS has offered this program to students to have a strong and solid start.

Dear Mr. Azzolino and Faculty,


I hope this email finds everyone well.


As a parent, we always try and make the right decisions for our children. I can truly say, sending my daughter to IC for her high school career was the BEST decision I ever made. Angela had a wonderful education because she had terrific teachers. A teacher's job is never easy so I want to personally thank each and every teacher and staff at IC for their dedication, patience, and hard work.


She established lifelong friendships. Her last 3 softball seasons were nothing short of AMAZING and simply unforgettable. Her faith in God is strong and her compassion for others is sincere.


Thank you for your strong leadership and helping to make IC feel like a second home. Although her senior year wasn't the way we wanted it to end, the lasting memories of her past 4 years will remain in her heart forever!


I also want to thank everyone involved for trying to have a senior prom in July and especially an in person graduation in August. I pray everyday that these events can take place so Angela and the class of 2020 can end their final moments at IC on a high note.


I want to wish all of you a safe and enjoyable summer. It's well deserved! 


God Bless the staff at IC! Once a Blue Wolf Always a Blue Wolf!



Diana Rossi

Dear Ms. Koval,

Thank you, ICHS faculty, staff, and family. You are all in my prayers.


Margarita Rosario (María’s mom)

& The Castillo Family—



Dear Ms. Koval,

Thank you for all your hard work and the hard work of the teachers and students.

The Tauriello family.


Dear Ms. Koval,


Your charismatic approach is so uplifting! This couldn’t be done alone. We are blessed to have each other to pull through unprecedented waters.




Dear Ms. Koval,


I can't imagine the hard work it took to pull off the almost immediate switch to a virtual classroom. I am in awe of the MANY ways in which the IC faculty and staff worked to make the past several weeks of school days feel as normal as possible for Samantha and her classmates. You all deserve a big round of applause! Please share with you colleagues just how thankful the DeFrancescos are to be part of the IC family, especially when we are all weathering times such as these.



Susan DeFrancesco


Dear Ms. Koval,


Outstanding! Thank you to all for the great work! It’s really a great example for other schools to follow.


Carol Nicolay