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Meet Karen Dillon



Karen was introduced to yoga in 1991 at the age of 25 during a pivotal time in her life. It quickly became a lifeline to help her navigate the ups and downs of everyday living. As she progressed in her yoga practice, meditation also became an important part of her daily routine. 

Karen lives in Ridgewood, NJ with her husband and 3 boys, and she started taking yoga over 20 years ago in NYC through the NY Road Runners Club to help stretch her body. Karen has always played sports and worked out, and knew stretching was important to prevent injury. She found heated vinyasa yoga about 10 years ago and has been practicing regularly ever since. Karen started training in NYC with Patricia Moreno and Intensati - a high cardio workout that also focuses on the power of the mind. She then entered the teacher training program at Yoga Mountain and completed her 200 hour certification for yoga.

During this process Karen has realized that yoga is much more than physical stretching, and she has developed spiritually, mentally as well as physically and loves sharing her personal style of yogasati with others.


Karen’s style of yoga is called yogasati, which is a power vinyasa style yoga class. The "sati" part of the yoga class stands for mindfulness and this part of the practice comes from my training in NYC of Intensati, meaning inten–intention and sati mindfulness or keeping our mind focused on our intentions for our lives. It teaches students to believe in the power of our thoughts, our attitudes and our actions to create the life we want for ourselves.


Karen shared, "Throughout the class we will work the muscles of our minds to keep us in a place of hope, gratitude and joy while we strengthen our bodies and create a life we love."