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ICHS Online Courses 

 History of Rock and Roll: 


The History of Rock N Roll explores the musical and cultural factors that contributed to the birth of a new, popular musical genre in the 1950s.  Students will learn to identify musical styles that distinguish rock from its predecessors and divide it into sub-genres, as well as the social and historical processes within which musicians have created these sounds.  Listening and analytical skills are necessary for the course, but no formal musical background is required. 


Children’s Literature: 


This online course will survey the history of literature appropriate for children ages pre-K – 8th grades from medieval to modern times, while providing an in-depth look at the various genres. We will analyze certain children’s authors, Disney, multi-cultural literature, stereotypes in Literature, and the importance of literature in children’s lives. This interactive online course will spark interest and allow you to learn about different types of children’s literature, as well as improve your time management skills.  


Child Psychology: 


This Child Psychology Online Course examines the physical, motor, emotional and social development of children. This course includes research into child development concepts, such as nature versus nurture and plasticity. Students learn through examination of various concepts what may affect child development, analyzing which ones have the greatest influence in early childhood and in later years. This course is designed to prepare children for future college courses in Psychology and examines a broad range of topics regarding children, and how they develop. The course is organized into 4 topics: (1) Theory, Concepts, and Methodology, (2) Infancy, (3) Early Childhood, (4) Middle Childhood.