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Business Courses 

Business / Financial Literacy: 


This course is designed to help students develop a greater understanding of the business world and personal finances.  This course will empower students develop beneficial financial and business skills that can be applied in real – world settings.  Students will gain knowledge and application of basic financial principles so that they can make sound financial decisions for life.  Topics in this class include, but not limited to the importance of saving, the basics of banking, understanding credit, investing guidelines, and understanding the purpose of financial risk management.  Thcomprehensive business course gives an understanding of personal finance and how it will relate to their everyday life now and later as they approach becoming an adult. 


  • Understand the basics of personal finance. 
  • Reinforce academic skills such as communication, mathematics, reading, research and writing. 
  • Demonstrate and enhance students’ financial literacy skills. 
  • Enable students to develop informed money-management strategies. 
  • Stimulate interest in financial management. 
  • Foster an understanding and appreciation of ethical money management. 




The course will prepare students to think strategically about marketing in today’s global environment.  Students will be able to explain and define various marketing terms and how they relate to the business world.  All will be able to demonstrate knowledge of marketing and its valuable benefit to business.  Throughout this class, students will be able to identify marketing trends including social media, websites, print, and video media.