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This course is designed to introduce students to communication skills on the interpersonal, small group and public communicative level, focusing on developing skills that will be needed in everyday living. We will look at various areas of communication discipline including intercultural, interpersonal, mass media, organizational and group communication contexts. Through a series of videos, reading discussions and activities, we will move from one general concept of communication to application on all levels. This course is both fun and extremely useful. 




What is Journalism? 

Most people understand that journalism has something to do with news, investigation, and opinion as presented through the mediums of newspapers, magazines, and television. But the modern conception of journalism has begun to shift, especially as websites, weblogs, and podcasts have become more common. In this course you will learn about the art of journalism and how it has shifted over the years. You will also practice journalism, writing articles in a variety of styles and submitting them. Classes will include discussions, workshops, group and individual meetings, writing, revising, and publishing. Periodically you will read and discuss recently published articles that have appeared in print or online. 


Creative Writing: 


In this elective course students will be given the opportunity to integrate creativity into various types of writing compositions. Students will complete a series of creative assignments and projects, which will guide them on the road to writing proficiency. This class will enable students to transform into poets, freelance writers, storytellers, and much more!  




This elective course allows students to have a firsthand experience in creating a yearbook that is filled with creativity, artistic expression, photography, content area write-ups, and so much more!  Not only will the students in this class be able to participate in the various areas of yearbook creation, but will also understand many types of sales techniques, marketing strategies, and areas of production 




This course is designed to offer a brief overview of Psychology. Psychology is the scientific study of behavior and mental processes. This course provides an introduction to the topics of Psychology and its methods domain, which include the following: developmental, biopsychological, cognitive, clinical and sociocultural. This introduction of Psychology will allow you to become familiar with the major concepts of Psychology, and the basic vocabulary of this social science. The most interesting part of this course is it will give you a better understanding of yourself, others, and the world around you! 


Art 1: 


Art 1 focuses on the foundational skills that every artist begins their journey with. In this course, students will learn about many different artists, artistic genres and mediums. Students are expected to always be prepared and ready to participate. The course will cover the elements and principles of design which includes color, light, balance, composition, etc. in order to make the best art projects possible. The class will visit the skills of drawing, painting, sculpture, and collage. This class will also give attention to color theory, art history, important artists and the process of critique. 


Art 2: 


This course is a continuation of Art I. Students will revisit some of the same genres as they did in Art I, such as drawing and painting, however, in this course we will be learning about the use of different mediums within the genre. For instance, painting, we will begin working with acrylics on different surfaces like canvas or wood. As well as the above mentioned, the students will be able to learn new concepts in art encouraging imagination, critical thinking, and problem solving. Students are expected to know about color theory and the elements and principles of design. Art history, important artists, and the process of Critique will be infused into each lesson.  


In this course students will also learn to write about art... Students will be keeping a weekly sketchbook. At the end of the semester there is a Student Art Showcase; it is mandatory for students to participate and attend the art show. Each student will be creating work throughout the semester that reflects the theme they want to display at the show. Students in Art 2 will have more freedom to decide the projects and mediums they want to use for their work. Be prepared! Be ready to participate! Students are also expected to check their PlusPortal account daily. 


Art 3: 


This course will be the culmination of Art 1 and Art 2. The objective of Art 3 is personal, artistic growth.  Students will reflect on the skills and techniques they have learned in previous courses and identify what styles/practices of art making they enjoyed and expand on them. For example, if a student really enjoyed painting portraits, I will work with them individually to explore portraiture in art history and practice and come up with different, personalized projects. This approach is to help them begin to build a professional artists portfolio that can be submitted to colleges/universities if art is what they wish to do beyond high school. In addition to building a portfolio, students will learn how to write an artist statement (a summary of who they are as an artist and why they do the work that they do) for a midterm assignment. Alongside the personalized-projects, students will have the opportunity to expand on different forms of art-making such as printmaking, sculpture, and mixed media arts. Students will be keeping a weekly sketchbook. It is required for Art 3 students to submit their work to the end of the year Art Show. This course is designed to prepare students for the very exciting road that lies ahead as a young artist! Get Excited!  (It is expected that all students should be checking their PlusPortals accounts regularly.)