Immaculate Conception High School

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Ash Wednesday

From cross bearer to readers to singers, Sister Alexander encouraged faculty and staff to volunteer to participate in this special celebration. During his homily, Father Charlie Hanley OFM, Cap., the Felician Sisters Chaplin, posed the question, “What if you used Snapchat or Instagram to capture 40 days of good deeds?” By using your love of social media, you can fill the world with good.” From the back of the church you could see the students get excited while listening to Father Charlie. They were engaged and gave him their full attention.

Sister Alexander Siegel, campus minister and Father Charlie blessed worshippers with a cross of ashes on their forehead as a symbol of penance. The ashes are made from the blessed palms used in the Palm Sunday celebration of the previous year. 

The ICHS choir led by Katelyn DeGennaro ’06 and Mike Wada rocked the house with music that encouraged the girls to clap along and all participate in his holy day of obligation. From the piano, to the organ, to the guitar, played by Molly Thomas ‘17 – the music moved us all.

Father Charlie left everyone with the following message, “The world is filled with good and with God. You have 40 days to change the world!”