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Connecting Our Classroom to the World: Immaculate Conception High School is learning to go “social”.

According to the National Education Association, Twitter can be a welcome tool for teachers who want to increase information, communication, and collaboration, both inside and outside the classroom.

Rachel Zegler ’19 and Caroline McKenna ’19 created an account for William Shakespeare and wrote all the tweets in Iambic pentameter; the famous writing style of Mr. Shakespeare.

Two freshman, Gabriella Savastano ’19 and Adriana Gaglian0 ’19 created accounts for both Martin Luther and Pope Leo X – as these two figures regularly battled about religion. The girls enjoyed seeing the opposing views and dialogue on Twitter and how many views they received.

Each day, Mr. Ward awards a “Tweet of the Day” based on humor and creativity. Taylor King ’19 and Abbey Lima ’19 created an account for King Henry the VIII and were awarded the Tweet of the Day. 

Another group of freshmen selected renaissance figures because they enjoyed learning about the re-birth of art and music and the unique personalities that lived during those times. Would Michelangelo have tweeted a photo of the Sistine Chapel before its completion? Did the Mona Lisa have hashtag #?

“From their creative tweets to the time and dedication to researching the specific person; the girls have truly embraced this assignment and have learned so much. “, shared Chris Ward.

Twitter did not replace the more conventional classroom learning; instead it enhanced the discussions and brought more student participation and encouraged students to engage who otherwise would not.