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Remote Learning Experience

Back in December when we wished everyone a Merry Christmas and departed the halls of our beloved ICHS, not one of us could have even guessed how different our lives would be when we returned to these very same halls in 2020!  Upon our return to school in January, we wished each other Happy New Year and welcomed one another back, still unaware of what the near future had in store for us.  We set about our daily schedules, taught our classes, interacted with our students, met in small groups, discussed the need for integrating technology throughout our curriculum, encouraged one another to try something new...perhaps project based learning, or a virtual field trip, blogging, listening to a podcast, or just being open to visiting another colleague who was incorporating a new technique into his or her lesson.  Then...just the third month into 2020, we found ourselves pioneering a whole new adventure in learning, and no one at ICHS said it couldn’t be done!  Each and every one fastened his or her seat belt and got ready for what might be a bumpy ride...definitely a ride into the unknown.

Within one week’s time, we transitioned from in-seat classes to remote learning from our homes.  With the “stay at home” order in place, we dug in, learned new terminology, re-wrote some of our lessons to fit the new reality, set up our at-home instructional space, readied our devices, downloaded the Zoom app and were off and running with remote learning. This quick transition was and continues to be awesome and once again, our ICHS faculty and students set a high bar for achieving great results!  We have been navigating this new reality now for two months with amazing results! I would venture a guess that if we had posed this scenario to one another back before Christmas break, we would all have thought, and perhaps voiced, our thoughts, saying...can’t possibly happen without hours, days and even months of preparation and professional development and yet, here we are...we are making it happen and happen successfully! 

  •  Actively taking on roles of the Mexican-American War back in 1846…
  • Participating in Virtual Field Trips to Art Museums and Galleries around the World…
  • Tracking, Documenting, and Meeting personal goals in Physical Education…
  • Focusing on the “Good News” in the media in Journalism…
  • Creating Multi-media CAPSTONE projects to reflect on the AMAZING Community Service accomplished over the course of the year…
  • Keeping up with Current Events and having a VOICE about several topics while BLOGGING!
  • …and so much more!

It is amazing to be a part of this experience both from a student perspective and from a staff perspective...with the downside being the lack of closeness, activities and experiences that cannot transfer to “remote”, “stay-at -home”, “social distancing”...while celebrating our successes, we mourn the loss of traditional experiences that cannot happen during this pandemic. We pray, we love, we teach...our Blue Wolf family will continue to work together to complete this 2019-2020 academic year, we will celebrate our triumphs and we will thank God for the amazing technological advances that allow us to be together while apart! 

My deepest thanks to each and every member of our Blue Wolf family for their contribution to our successful and ongoing transition to remote learning, for supporting one another and for their selflessness and willingness to ensure that our spiritual and educational goals are met in the midst of this new reality!

May God Continue to Bless You each and every day!

Miss Koval

Dean of Academics