Miss Banta’s Gym Class is Thriving

In the first week of Miss Banta's gym class, the girls were off to an active start. The goal for the week was for the students to accumulate three miles however they can. They had the option to run, walk, and/or bike indoors and outdoors. If they wished, the students were also able to do a combination of different exercises.

With the help of technology and the MapMyRun application, every student in Miss Banta's class was able to connect with each other and see their workouts and progress.

MapMyRun is a great way to accurately track workouts using a smartphone's GPS. The app reports statistics in real time and can deliver stats via voice prompts, letting the user know when they have hit predetermined mile markers without pulling out their phone and checking the screen. With MapMyRun, our students were able to motivate and inspire each other!

On top of accumulating those miles, the girls were given their first "homework" on Thursday, April 30, 2020. They had to do 50 burpees in a specific amount of time! Miss Banta and the girls are up and active, and hope everyone is as well!