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Teacher Appreciation Day

Teacher Appreciation Day

Thursday, May 14, 2020

1We need your help! In keeping our faculty and staff appreciation day tradition alive, we will be putting together a tribute video for our faculty and staff to share with them on May 14th. This video compilation will be a gift to the faculty and staff to show our appreciation for them. We are asking for short video clips of students and/or parents sharing what they are thankful for ( regarding a specific faculty or staff member). They can also share a favorite memory or lesson learned by any of our faculty or staff members. All videos must be appropriate for school and positive in nature. By sending in a video to us, your are giving us permission to post to our social media outlets as well. We are requesting these videos as soon as possible so we can expedite the process.

Please send your videos to 
Please email Mrs. Cutrona, Miss Connor or Mrs. Grabowski for questions or details.