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Virtual Learning is ZOOMING at ICHS

On March 16, 2020, ICHS moved to remote learning and all students, faculty, and staff were given specific instructions and training sessions during the week prior.  Ms. Kelly Koval, Dean of Academics, with the help of an amazing and collaborative team, created a detailed ICHS Remote Learning Plan for teachers and students to follow. ICHS staff and faculty have done amazing things to keep students learning while they transition to learning remotely. From e-learning innovations to keeping students’ spirits high with photo and Instagram challenges, ICHS is truly working together to make the learning experience memorable.

Ms. Kelly Koval, Dean of Academics, shared on Wednesday, March 18, 2020, "Today was an amazing day if you took part in the Remote Learning Experience at ICHS!  I cannot even express how proud I am of our students and faculty!  Making this switch is not an easy task, but we did it, and we will continue to do whatever we can for our students.  Thank you, parents, for helping us out and keeping the girls on the right track at home. We love our ICHS Family... Stay Safe... and keep on learning!"

At ICHS, our goal is to continue to give the best learning experience under the circumstances we are facing. ICHS encourages the creativity and individuality of each course being taught. There are a variety of components of our remote and virtual learning plan that center on the use of technology and online instruction, which our students and staff are currently already familiar with and using on a regular basis. ICHS believes that this experience will also give our students a glimpse of "college" as well as advanced learning practices.

 These past few days, teachers and students have been using an electronic device in order to fulfill their classroom lessons and assessments, which are being delivered to them daily using several different remote learning platforms such as the following: PlusPortals, Zoom, IXL, Weebly, Rosetta Stone, and Google Classroom.

Mr. Joseph R. Azzolino, Head of School shared, “During times of uncertainty, it is imperative that we join forces and work collaboratively to continue providing an engaging learning experience for our students. It can be difficult to gauge how students are faring without seeing them in person, so connecting individually is also very important.”

Ms. Kelly Koval, Dean of Academics exclaimed, “Teachers are motivating their classes to stay fully engaged by encouraging joyful challenges throughout the week and bringing lessons to life via remote learning.”

Madison Weir `22, enjoys the remote learning experience and said, “I like the online learning a lot it. Is easy to work and a great way to learn during this time.”

Denielle Keenan `20, also believes remote learning is effective and added, “Remote learning is a good way to learn and should be implemented throughout all schools during events like these. I like that we get to talk to the teachers just like in class, rather than just getting online work and attempting to teach ourselves. Even though this is not how I pictured my Senior year, I know that I can get the schooling credits I need to graduate on time in the comfort of my own home.” 

Mr. Dale Fava, ICHS Math Teacher, Track, Field, and Wrestling Coach, shared his experience and stated, “Today (March 18, 2020), was a great experience while in a situation that no one planned for. The Zoom classroom platform made it possible to teach students outside of the classroom without skipping a beat! I am thrilled to give the girls of ICHS this learning experience while learning new things myself!”

Sister Alexander Siegel, Mission Leader/Campus Minister and ICHS History Teacher, shared about her experience as well. She said, “At 8:10 AM this morning (March 18, 2020) I began teaching US History 1. What I really was reflecting on was US History 2020. We were making our own history in the midst of an outstanding lesson on Article II of the Constitution. The girls were great. I even had one ask to be excused for the bathroom.  I told her to sign out. We all had a good laugh.”

Mr. Kevin Hughes, ICHS Social Studies Teacher and Rho Kappa History Honor Society Advisor, added,  “It was extremely comforting to see each and everyone of my students faces today (March 19, 2020). We are lucky to have this ability to teach using innovative ways and continue our relationships as an ICHS community.”

ICHS hopes these remote learning experiences and environments will continue to keep both students and educators fully engaged and connected.

Mr. Joseph R. Azzolino, Head of School, said, “As I told our students and staff on our last day in session, this is a time to come together as a community. We need to be there for each other as a family. Together Everyone Achieves More. Stay well and stay safe!”