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Women’s Empowerment Panel

Hosted by the Rho Kappa History Honor Society, the panelists were accomplished women from different professions, backgrounds, and careers including:
• Christie Del Rey-Cone, Esq., Partner at Cerasia & Del Rey-Cone LLP
• Khiana E. Duncan, MBA '14, Principal Management Assistant to Chief Legal Officer of University Hospital
• Maggie Flood '13, Lead Baker at Flakely
• Dr. Catherine A. Mazzola, Pediatric Neurosurgeon at NJ Pediatric Neuroscience Institute
• The Honorable Bonnie Mizdol, AJSC, Assignment Judge of Bergen County
• Dana Regan `88, Director of The Felician 21 and Over Program at the Felician School
• Dr. Sharon Towler, Director of Graduate Educational Leadership and Assistant Professor at Felician University

Gabriella Gil `20, President of the Rho Kappa History Honor Society began the event by thanking the panelists for volunteering their valuable time and expertise to help motivate, inspire, and build on the foundations that the female students are receiving at ICHS.

With an auditorium filled with guests, members of the Rho Kappa History Honor Society asked questions to the panelists. The group participated in many lively discussions on topics such as inequality in the workforce, believing in your dreams, and misconceptions about successful women.

The messages of encouragement were shared by all participants. Some of the powerful statements made by our brilliant panelists were:

“Women have the ability to multi-task and do it well. Don’t lock yourself in and remember to be open to change and continue paving the way for other people that might not be like you.” ~Christie Del Rey-Cone

“You have to advocate for yourself, get a seat at the table, and find women mentors. Women mentors can truly be influential and provide insight on various topics including salary negotiations.” ~Khiana E. Duncan, MBA '14

“Try different things so you can find your drive and passion, and always love what you do.” ~Maggie Flood '13
“Do things you are not comfortable with and get out of your comfort zone. Follow your heart and have faith. Stand up for what you know is right.” ~Dr. Catherine A. Mazzola
“You must be flexible and think outside of the box. Pursuit your passion and be driven. Take advantage of internship opportunities so you can be exposed to different professions.” ~The Honorable Bonnie Mizdol
“Do not underestimate anyone. Believe in yourself and be passionate. When you love what you do, it will never feel like work.” ~Dana Regan `88,

“Women can do all things. Go into what you love unafraid and take risks. ” ~Dr. Sharon Towler
Gabriella Gil `20, closed the evening by naming the phenomenal panelists as honorary blue wolves and Rho Kappa History Honor Society members presented them with gifts.

Dr. Sonaliz Morel-Baker, Executive Director of Institutional Advancement shared, “ICHS encourages students to be confident and believe that they can be anything they dream. The evening was not only inspirational, but a reminder of our mission and core values. The panelists offered their wisdom and provided invaluable advice that the girls will remember for the rest of their lives.”

Mr. Kevin Hughes, Social Studies Teacher and Rho Kappa History Honor Society Advisor added, “The panelists were outstanding! The conversation flowed well, and their advice and positive messages not only had an impact on our girls in attendance, but I believe that the adults in the room, were also motivated, I know I was. Last night was another opportunity to showcase what ICHS is all about and I think we nailed it! The Rho Kappa leaders, Gabriella Gil `20, Denielle Keenan `20, and Faith Camilleri `20, did a great job and were able to show off their confidence, competence, and public speaking skills.”

Kangela Guerrero `20 exclaimed, “Being in the audience and hearing from the panelists was an amazing experience! I learned so much from their stories. I learned that as women we must keep in mind the importance about breaking down barriers that hold women back: from discriminatory laws to an unfair pay.”
Denielle Keenan `20 said, "I was truly blown away by our panelists. I learned so much this evening. I aspire to be like them and will follow their advice to be fearless, courageous, and continuously fight for equality not only in the workplace, but in the world."