2019 Freshmen Class Retreat

Reverend John Gordon led the Mass, to set the spiritual tone for the day. Joel Gomez, Director at the St. John Paul Youth Center, facilitated team building exercises for the students.

The day continued with music, reflection and discussions. The freshmen found the retreat to be a profound experience where they were all “interconnected – and – connected to God.”

Sister Alexander Siegel, Mission Leader/Campus Minister stated, I believe that this day provided a shining moment toward future faith and retreat experiences for this class.”

Emily Castillo, ’23 said, “Tuesday, was a very interesting retreat. I found when Joel told us about his life and when he lost his grandma, I remembered when I lost my grandma at a young age. I felt so connected to him.”

Emma Jones, ’23, added,  “During the retreat, I learned a lot about reality and how God will always be there even when we might be wondering where He is. When I listened to Joel’s  life story taught me this message.”