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Immaculate Conception High School's Day of Service

This day was created by Sr. Alexander Siegel, Campus Minister and Mission Leader, as part of Mission and Heritage Week so that students could experience and live out the meaning of our Mission and Core Values. The ICHS family volunteered at various schools, nursing homes, food kitchens and outreach centers for pregnant women and children.  Many lives and hearts were touched that day including those of our students. 

We thank the many locations who graciously welcomed us to spend the day with them; The Felician Sisters Convent, The Felician 21 and Over Program, The Felician School for Exceptional Children, Maywood Nursing Center for Health & Rehabilitation, Mercy House, Wellington Nursing Home- Care One, Eva’s Kitchen, New Bridge Medial Center, and the Armenian Nursing and Rehab Center.

Our students’ feedback was extraordinary:

"I enjoyed volunteering because it truly opened my eyes to a completely different perspective of a world that I’ve never been exposed to.” -Jennifer Kemple, '21

 “Overall, yesterday made me realize that we should be grateful for what we have in life and should not take anything for granted.  One small act of kindness can go a long way.” - Tatiana Sawka, '21

"What we have taken away from this experience was to appreciate every little thing that happens in your life. The small things you could do for someone can truly make their day better.” - Brianna Ryerson, '21

"The smiles on their faces went from ear to ear; their laughter was heard throughout the floor.  We were able to take a lot from this experience and keep spreading kindness to all." - Nicole Del Hoyo, '21

Thank you to Sr. Alexander Siegel for organizing another successful Day of Service.  All who participated experienced the true meaning of Blessed Mary Angela’s inspirational quote, “Serve Him with a joyful heart”