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ICHS Wish List 


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A Dream is a WISH your Heart Makes…..Disney

ICHS relies on the generosity of donors to aid in supporting our mission. We are proud and excited to share that this year we have received 160 Chromebooks and 18 air purifying systems through grants in which we applied for and were awarded this year. This provides our students with safer and equal access to technology in the classroom and maintains healthy air quality throughout the building. The air purifiers also decrease the risk of airborne viruses from spreading. We continue to apply for various grants that we qualify for. For areas that we may not be able to receive grants for, ICHS has created a wish list of items below. Your support is greatly appreciated.

To sustain our mission of empowerment and transformation, our faculty and students need the resources and equipment to set them up for continued success. Below are some of the WISH list items that will best support effective student learning, creativity, and day-to-day operations. Please note that we value help of any kind and we appreciate any time, talent, or treasure you choose to share with us! 

#1 Cool the School! Enhancing Overall Student Environment and Summer Programs:

Air conditioning throughout the building and in our auditorium would help us enhance our summer programming options for current and prospective students. Air conditioning also helps to maintain a comfortable and healthy environment for all. 

#2 Scholarships For Students Participating in the ICHS Collegiate Academy: 

ICHS Collegiate Academy is a co-ministry sponsored program with Felician University and a recognized program for upperclassmen with academic talents offering more than a traditional high school learning environment. High school juniors and seniors are invited to participate in Collegiate Academy and take college level courses while still enrolled in ICHS. 

#3 Art Supplies:

To enrich the overall Art Curriculum (paint, canvas, pencils, printer ink for photography, cameras, pastels, scissors, digital art software: (Adobe Suite/Photoshop/Illustrator/Lightroom/Final Cut Pro/Etc.) 

 #4 Phys. Ed/ Health Supplies: 

To enrich overall curriculum (various sports equipment)

#5 Auditorium Enhancements for the Performing  Arts Department: 

We would like to begin updating our auditorium with new seats, sound, and carpeting.   This initiative would make for a more comfortable environment for our community when attending shows, participating in shows, viewing assemblies, and attending open houses. It would also afford us the opportunity to host more events and summer programs.

 #6 Athletic Facility Upgrades: 

We would like to upgrade and provide more space for our athletic programs/facilities. Any donation made to this cause will go directly to the improvement of athletic facilities such as our weight room, gymnasium, and tennis courts. 

 If you are interested in donating towards a specific item from the WISH List click here, and indicate the initiative you would like to support in the comments section. If you have questions, please email  Any undesignated donations can be made to ICHS’s Annual Fund.

 ICHS is a 501(c)(3) organization under the Internal Revenue Code and is eligible to receive tax-deductible gifts.