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Greetings from the Enrollment Office

Choosing a high school is a very exciting time for every incoming student. It is a time that brings change, excitement and growth. It is a time to learn about and reflect on what you desire your next four years to be like. It is a time to make a decision that will help shape your life. I am elated that you are interested in ICHS.

As a graduate of an all-girls private high school and a teacher and administrator at ICHS for now 9 years, I am fully aware of the benefits of attending ICHS and a single-gender school. I am honored to be able to engage and enroll young women into an institution that provides invaluable, individualized education and afford them the opportunity to contribute to the tight knit community we offer.

The young women at ICHS are the heart of the school. Our faculty and staff are passionate and committed to the success of every student. The young women who leave here thrive and succeed, because of the foundation they gained here at ICHS and the growth they experienced over their four years. We not only prepare them for college, but we also prepare them to face challenges with confidence in our ever-changing, diverse society and now as of recently, virtually advanced world.

Due to the effects of COVID-19, our world was required to go completely virtual and ICHS did not skip a beat. We quickly pivoted with the times and stayed connected with our students through Zoom classes each day. We stayed connected to our prospective families through individualized Zoom Open Houses. Most importantly, we stayed connected to the culture, mission and values of ICHS, even when we were physically away from our building. Although it was virtual, the sense of community and family was stronger than ever and that is something here at ICHS we always put first. This is what makes the ICHS difference, this is what makes ICHS extraordinary. We are fully prepared to give our students a once in a lifetime education and learning experience, whether it be in our classrooms or virtually.

Any young woman who chooses a future at ICHS will shape herself into a competent and confident young woman. She will be prepared to lead and make a difference in the world far past her years at ICHS, because of the foundation we provide here.

Lastly, her experience at ICHS will, without a doubt, change her life forever.

Warmest Regards,
Miss Nicole A. Mineo

Miss Nicole A. Mineo

Miss Nicole A. Mineo

Director of Enrollment Management and Student Events

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