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Just like mixing the necessary ingredients for a delicious cake, or scrumptious cookies, or a mouthwatering loaf of fresh bread, the integration of the latest in technological advances throughout each component of our ICHS curriculum is integral to achieving the end product. In order for our young ladies to be well versed in each of our subject areas, they must also be well versed in the available technological advances in each of the disciplines. Learning how to best utilize the technology will enable them to be well prepared for their college experience. Exposure to a wide variety of tech tools not only aids their learning adventure, but stirs their imagination for tackling the unknown. Just imagine what creativity will be unleashed in their four years with us and then into their future.

Properly using platforms, websites, blogs, apps, devices and equipment throughout a variety of classes serves to better prepare them for life and leadership in the 21st century. We are excited to have a hand in forming our country’s and our church’s future leadership personnel.