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Taking full advantage of the many accomplished ICHS alumni as well as a number of other friends, family and fond stakeholders, the ICHS Speaker Series is a established program which affords our students an opportunity to share in the stories and experiences of military and government officials, service personnel, volunteers, religious, entrepreneurs, licensed professionals, and first responders… just to name a few!

Being present to hear their stories, listen to the ups and downs of their individual journeys, how they identified their passions, their struggles and successes along the way —- a priceless gift given to our ICHS students —- real experiential learning!

Being able to hear these first hand stories and then interact through questions and answers is a gift beyond measure…

  • Speakers are asked to come join classes and/or speak on a series of panels that we host at ICHS.
  • Speakers give the ICHS Students a first hand experience and allows them to learn about various professional experiences.
  • Speakers open the hearts and minds of our students as they begin their career search and choose the college of their choice.
  • Speakers allow our students to experience an array of viewpoints, personalities, and perspectives on various topics.

Having these passionate professionals CLEARLY enriches our curriculum in all areas.

Through our ICHS Speaker Series Initiative, we regularly invite guest speakers to come and talk to our students in ALL content areas.

If you or someone you know would like to join our faculty, staff, and students to enrich the curriculum with your topic of interest, please contact Miss Kelly Koval, Dean of Academics to make arrangements. 

Thank you to all of our AMAZING Speakers!