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Message from the Dean of Academics/ Associate Head of School

Greetings IC Family!

It is an absolute pleasure to be working at Immaculate Conception High School, here in Lodi.  We are clearly a strong, faith-filled, academically rigorous community that is continuing to thrive.  We are committed to celebrating all the successes that your daughter(s) have experienced as well as bringing the Academics to the next level.  I am confident that by working together with the faculty and staff, we will accomplish all that we set out to do!

My educational philosophy will be apparent as we move forward.  I believe each person is a unique individual who needs a secure, caring and stimulating atmosphere in which to grow and mature both intellectually and socially.  It is my desire as an Educational Leader to help both teachers and students grow to their fullest potential by providing a safe environment that invites a sharing of ideas.  Collaboration is indeed the key to success!

Understanding the diversity of learning styles and student experiences is key when engaging students.  The process of stimulating student involvement in learning is unique to each individual.  Ultimately, students must be responsible for their own learning, but as the educators can inspire their desire to learn and act as facilitators to instill the love of learning for years to come.  Developing a curriculum around student interests fosters motivation and stimulates their passion for learning.

At Immaculate Conception, we believe that students work best through interaction with others and that learning increases when the learner is engaged in activities that have personal meaning.  We must ensure that the classroom environment is reinforcing learning, rewarding acceptable behavior, and providing learning experiences that are unforgettable.  Through positive reinforcement, students will behave well toward one another, listen, and actively participate.  This can be accomplished by an array of things such as: demonstrating a positive attitude, encouraging students to learn by interacting with one another, and encouraging student discussion.  Through the educational experience that your daughter(s) encounter at Immaculate Conception, we wish to provide the opportunity for continual learning and growth. 

As always, my hopes are to share this philosophy with the faculty to help build upon the amazing place that Immaculate Conception High School already is! I look forward to each and every day, as I work with the entire team and the students at ICHS… I know TOGETHER we can make a difference!

May God Bless you Today and Always!

Miss Kelly A. Koval
Dean of Academics/ Associate Head of School

Kelly Koval

Kelly Koval

Dean of Academics / Associate Head of School

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