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Employment Opportunities

Job Openings for 2022-2023 Academic Year

School Business Administrator  

Contact Mrs. Dorothy Laverty, School Business Administrator for more information: /973-836-4578 

Job Description:

This position includes but is not limited to managing the overall short and long-term financial health of the school, supervision of staff, managing relationships with outside vendors, and payroll, benefits, accounts receivable, and accounts payable. The School Business Administrator collaborates with the Head of School and members of the Executive Team and Administrative Team, and FSI corporate support to ensure smooth operations of the school. Reports directly to the Head of School, with dotted line responsibility to FSI/Chicago. The School Business Administrator collaborates with the Advancement Office and the Academic Dean in locating, applying for, and administering grants from outside sources. 


  • Five years of successful experience in educational leadership
  • New Jersey School Business Administrator certification (provisional is acceptable) or five years experience
  • Demonstrated ability to supervise and train subordinates
  • Understanding of the principles and practices of financial accounting and reporting procedures consistent with GAAP and school accounting
  • Knowledge of accepted business practices in school districts
  • Demonstrated organizational, communication and interpersonal skills
  • A dedication to keeping current with laws and practices in the field
  • Ability to research educational legal and financial issues as it pertains to the Business Office and the School
  • Demonstrated ability to utilize word processing and spreadsheet software for advanced reporting
  • Ability to pick up new software quickly and to logically organize data within these systems


  • Establishing budgets and managing expenses
  • Managing payroll and benefits for the school
  • Keeping current with practices and analysis to keep the school fiscally viable for the short term and the long term
  • Setting tuition and fees; collecting tuition and fees; managing the collections process; representing the school in collections actions, including court cases
  • Managing and approving payroll
  • Managing the employee benefits program
  • Managing property and liability insurance for the high school
  • Managing the food services programs and staff
  • Managing administrative staff
  • Managing the IT Department and customer service levels
  • Overseeing purchasing
  • Managing investment of surplus or restricted funds
  • Overseeing the Student Financial Assistance process
  • Managing Accounts Payable, and one bookkeeper
  • Liaison with FSI Chicago Accounting team
  • Primary responsibility for working with the external auditor and ensuring an audit is conducted annually
  • Managing and balancing bank accounts and cash flow
  • Establishing relationships with other financial institutions as needed
  • Reviewing all school contracts with outside vendors
  • Identifying, developing, communicating and utilizing outside sources for student scholarships and financial assistance
  • Managing school organizations which raise money in the school’s name
  • Participating as a member of the Finance Committee, which reports to the Board of Trustees
  • Maintains and updates Standard Operating Procedures and Internal Controls for the Business Office
  • Attends Board of Trustees meetings as required to discuss budgets and the financial health of the school
  • Keeping confidences as needed to ensure FERPA guidelines are followed for students and their families
  • Supervising the Information Technology Coordinator, Food Services, and the Finance Office Accountant
  • Acting as the Secretary/Treasurer of the Immaculate Conception High School Corporation, as appointed by the Board


    Admissions & Retention Coordinator   

    Contact Miss Nicole Mineo, Director of Enrollment Management & Student Events for more information: /973-773-2665

    Job Description:

    This is a full time position, which includes, but is not limited to, overseeing all admissions procedures of new and transfer students – including the administration of the HSPT, transcript review, student interviews, and registration; responsible for the maintenance of the Admissions Office. Collaborates with the Advancement department to promote and recruit students for Immaculate Conception High School through different enrollment and advancement events. Collaborating and being mentored by the Dean of Student Life, and will be reporting to the Head of School. 


        • Must have an enthusiastic, dynamic, friendly and approachable personality.
        • Must have a Bachelor’s degree.
        • Must be able to form close relationships, connect and communicate well to all prospective parents and students.
        • Must be able to create innovative ways for students to “find a home” at ICHS for four years.
        • Must serve as a role model to all students.
        • Must be able to build and sustain relationships with different principals and administration of all feeder schools.
        • Must be able to coordinate events and use time management skills effectively to execute events that are organized, professional and attractive to prospective families. 
        • Must be able to collaborate with the Coordinator of Institutional Advancement to enhance Enrollment and Advancement efforts of ICHS, in order to raise funds that support academic scholarships and financial assistance.


        • Coordinating regular visitations and presentations to feeder schools, as well as other related events, such as high school information nights sponsored by feeder schools.
        • Increasing relations and communications with feeder school communities and parishes.
        • Choosing and ordering of all Immaculate Conception High School giveaways.
        • Coordinating, planning, and advertising the Open House events in person and sending follow up emails after the event.
        • Coordinating, planning and advertising Virtual Open Houses, if needed.
        • Coordinating and overseeing the planning of the Freshman Orientation.
        • Coordinating and overseeing communication with incoming freshmen throughout the summer.
        • Coordinating events in person/virtual for incoming freshmen during summer months.
        • Coordinating activities for the purpose of cultivating and increasing student enrollment.
        • Coordinating and Planning HSPT Exam Day in November of every school year.
        • Reviewing all HSPT scores in December of each school year for acceptance decisions.
        • Collaborating with the Business Manager and Head of School to determine financial assistance and merit scholarships for incoming freshmen.
        • Participating in the Financial Assistance Committee meetings and decisions.
        • Ensuring phone calls are made to prospective parents/students to follow up about ICHS, the application process, receipt of acceptance packet, registration status, etc.., especially during the months of November – March.
        • Creating and mailing out all admission acceptance letters in January of each school year to the new incoming class.
        • Coordinating and planning Accepted Students Night in January of each school year.
        • Coordinating and planning Registration Day in February of each school year.
        • Establishing relations with media personnel, in partnership with the Coordinator of Institutional Advancement ensuring that news releases, news stories, and advertisements be submitted regularly in order to heighten the visibility of Immaculate Conception High School.
        • Hosting school tours and coordinating full-day visits for interested students and their families in person or on Zoom.
        • Moderating and overseeing the activities of the Immaculate Conception High School Student Ambassador Club.
        • Assisting the Head of School regarding the procedures for students transferring out of Immaculate Conception High School.  This may include administering student exit interviews, meeting with parents to explain the transfer policy, and informing school staff of the transfer.
        • Coordinating meetings with students who are interested in transferring in and collecting all their information regarding their current school and their current transcript and working with the Dean of Academics to ensure their courses match up with the ICHS courses to build a cohesive schedule that meet graduation requirements.
        • Coordinating and overseeing registration process with transfer students and collaborating with Business Manager to ensure the parents of the transfer student set up their FACTS plan and have paid the registration fee prior to the student attending their first day at Immaculate Conception High School.
        • Collaborating with the Guidance Office/Dean of Academics/Technology Coordinator to ensure students who transfer into Immaculate Conception High School receive their schedule, books, uniform, handbook, email address, Plus Portals log in, and any other pertinent information.
        • Publicizing Summer Jumpstart Program for incoming freshmen.
        • Coordinating and attending Enrollment Management Committee meetings and Board Meetings, when needed.
        • Promoting Fall and Spring matinee performances to feeder schools.
        • Creating videos for the Enrollment/Advancement office to increase fundraising and enrollment efforts.
        • Collaborating with Parent Ambassadors to promote Immaculate Conception High School through phone calls, events, speaking opportunities at Immaculate Conception High School enrollment events, etc.
        • In collaboration with the Coordinator of Institutional Advancement, post to all social media platforms regarding all aspects of life at Immaculate Conception High School.


    Part Time and Full Time Teacher Positions Available

    • NJ State Certified High School Science Teacher (Focus on Chemistry/Physics)
    • NJ State Certified High School Physical Education/ Health Teacher (Driver’s Education and CPR/First Aid Trained/Certified)
    • NJ State Certified High School English Teacher
    • Substitute Teachers

    Contact Miss Kelly Koval, Dean of Academics/ Associate Head of School for more information: /973.836.4574

    Job Description:

    The faculty member (teacher) is a professional representative of the school and its administration. Each faculty member knows and upholds the philosophy of the school, respects all policies set forth by the Executive Leadership Team and the Administration and encourages students to do likewise. Faculty members report directly to the Dean of Academics. Faculty members may also report to The Head of School and the Associate Head of School in situations deemed necessary.

    The responsibilities of all faculty members include, but are not limited to, the following:

    • Following the policies of the faculty contract and all school handbooks Adhering to professional ethics in discussing with candor and tact problems relating to school and individual students
    • Refraining from discussing the traits of a student with those who are not professionally or personally involved
    • Treating each student with respect; affirming students for outstanding accomplishments and offering constructive criticism when needed
    • Handling discipline throughout the school, referring only serious problems to the Associate Head of School
    • Attending faculty meetings, school assemblies, orientation days, open houses, graduation, and designated parent-teacher meetings
    • Fulfilling generously the expressed and unspecified duties inherent in the teaching profession
    • Striving to enhance the public image of the school, especially by being loyal to the school and to colleagues when speaking to the public
    • Arriving at school by 7:45 a.m. and remaining until 2:45 p.m. to be available for counseling, tutoring and activities.
    • Fulfilling contractual obligations; observing all other school policies issued in support of its religious education ministry
    • Ensuring that the teaching of religious education is given high priority in the operation of the school
    • Working cooperatively under the leadership of the Dean of Academics, the Head of School and the Associate Head of School in cooperation with the Class Advisors, Student Advisory Mentors and Guidance
    • Cooperating and working in close collaboration with the administrative staff, other school personnel, and parents to accomplish effectively the goals set by ICHS
    • Implementing interesting and varied approaches in instructional programs Preparing for class by consistently planning weekly and daily learning activities
    • Demonstrating an awareness of individual differences among the students by providing learning activities appropriate to each one’s abilities
    • Providing an atmosphere of trust and mutual respect where discipline is maintained with fairness, dignity and regard for the individuality of the student Checking class attendance at the beginning of the period, comparing it with the daily attendance update, and reporting any discrepancy to the Main Office Secretary
    • Requiring passes from students who come to class after the bell rings Meeting with parents of students for discussing constructively the student’s rate of progress in school and other matters of mutual concern
    • Maintaining proper classroom management that provides for an effective learning atmosphere
    • Keeping records of attendance, academic progress, the general development of each student and all other records of importance accurately and completely Observing student behavior both in their classrooms and in the hallway during the change of classes
    • Remaining in the classroom while students are always present. If an emergency arises, the teacher notifies the main office through the classroom telephone Attending, participating, and being involved in school-related activities including extra-curricular activities
    • Continuing professional growth by joining professional organizations, attending educational seminars, workshops and conferences, reading professional literature, continuing graduate studies, and participating actively in faculty meetings
    • During a regularly-scheduled day, a full-time faculty member is assigned 3 work periods annually (with one free period)
    • Requesting approval from the Associate Head of School before bringing in a guest speaker
    • Dressing in “professional attire” always
    • Assuming the role of substitute in the absence of another teacher, serve as a homeroom teacher, and cafeteria supervision when needed. The Associate Head of School will explain this in detail in person.


    Substitute Teachers

    Contact Miss Kelly Koval, Dean of Academics/ Associate Head of School for more information: /973.836.4574

    Job Description:

    This position includes but is not limited to, managing, organizing, facilitating and supporting the students in the absence of an Immaculate Conception High School Teacher. This individual should exude confident and experienced substitute teaching practices throughout the duration of coverage. Your duties will include assigning homework, managing classroom activities, and compiling reports. ICHS Substitute Teachers must have in-depth knowledge of effective teaching practices that ensure learning is a comfortable and meaningful experience. ICHS Substitute Teachers should have excellent interpersonal and organizational skills, with a strong command of the English language. All ICHS Substitutes will report directly to the Dean of Academics/ Associate Head of School.


    • A person of integrity who understands and honors the need for confidentiality in dealing with staff, students and families as well as other stakeholders vital to ICHS
    • Organized, friendly, and competent professional 
    • Exhibits an interest in education and the ICHS Community
    • High school diploma or equivalent qualification.
    • Bachelor’s degree in teaching is preferred.
    • Certificate in teaching or substitute teaching.
    • NJ State Fingerprinting and Background Check
    • Protecting God’s Children Program completed
    • A minimum of 2 years experience in a similar role.
    • Must be detail oriented and able to follow written and verbal instructions.
    • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills.


    • Honors and operates according to the values of the ICHS community
    • Is mindful of the need for personal integrity and confidentiality 
    • Adheres to the curriculum and lesson plans assigned by the regular teacher
    • Follows procedures and achieves the goals of each lesson 
    • Assigns and explains homework
    • Oversees students outside of the classroom including in the hallways, the cafeteria and in any other setting in which student supervision is expected and required
    • Complies with all school regulations and policies at all times
    • Takes attendance and document daily notes
    • Ensures classroom and work is clean and orderly
    • Oversees the normal classroom rhythms and activities
    • Compiles a report for the teacher for when he/she returns

      The following CORE Competencies are highly preferred for all Applicants: 

      Self-Awareness and Professional Development: Proactively looks for opportunities to develop her/his own skills and related behaviors in her/his areas of expertise to maximize performance and effectiveness. 

      Communication and Personal Effectiveness: Effectively communicates with internal and external stakeholders to share and express information in an ethical, forthright and timely manner 

      Customer Orientation: Empathetically seeks understanding of what internal and external stakeholders require and expect, and uses available resources, policies, and opportunities in those stakeholders’ best interests without compromising institutional or unit values 

      Collaboration and Partnership: Effectively develops relationships and collaborates with all stakeholders, values teamwork, and applies a variety of strategies to meet the needs of a diverse constituency. 

      Achievement Orientation: Has a strong sense of urgency about proactively solving problems and getting work done; gains support for ideas, proposals, projects and solutions; and takes initiative. 

      Leadership: Demonstrates responsibility and skill in guiding others; a commitment to and a vision for ICHS “…engaging people and ideas for common good…”; and an ability to achieve positive outcomes by encouraging, supporting, coaching, developing and mentoring others. 

      Teamwork: Supports ICHS teams, participating fully in team activities and work, remaining flexible and responsive to other team members’ ideas and needs, proactively offering advice in her/his own areas of expertise, and relating to team members with courtesy and respect.