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Empowering and Educating Women Since 1915

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In a spirit of our Felician Franciscan tradition, we at Immaculate Conception High School firmly believe and uphold the following tenets:


  • Every individual has inherent worth and is capable of loving and being loved.
  • Every student will have an equal opportunity to learn in ways that are appropriate for her.
  • Every student must be challenged academically so that she can be prepared to pursue her choice of opportunities for higher education.
  • The school will provide a healthy environment where students are able to develop a positive self-image while accepting the value of diversity within our human society.
  • As a Catholic/Christian institution, it is important to foster a belief in Gospel values, along with a system of ethics that encourages humble service to those in need, as we seek to eliminate prejudice, violence, and injustice in the world.
  • Our Franciscan tradition empowers administration, faculty, staff, and students to create a more tolerant, respectful, and peaceful world.
  • Parents/Guardians and school personnel must work together in providing encouragement, support, and cooperation in their efforts to promote the welfare of each student.
  • A true high school experience extends beyond the classroom and essentially starts within the home.
  • Single-sex schools provide an environment for students to develop a stronger sense of self-discipline, responsibility, leadership, and community.
  • We must provide students with the opportunities to develop critical thinking skills, as well as all forms of communication skills, so that they may be able to solve problems throughout their lives in an uncertain world.
  • Students are challenged to strive for teamwork, fairness, and a spirit of cooperation and sportsmanship through participation in extracurricular activities and athletics.